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RELATIONSHIPS - Have you noticed these bridezillas who force their husbands-to-be to write their own wedding vows?

What happened to the normal wedding vows, where you listen to the priest or reverend, repeat after them and then say "I Do"?

Yes, we understand its romantic for the man to write his own vows and basically make a little speech during the wedding... but not all men are comfortable doing that. Some men are shy, inarticulate, mumble, stutter, forget the words easily and have no skill at writing such things.

The demand for original wedding vows has resulted in companies like the Wedding Vow Tool Kit which writes the wedding vows for men who have been arm-twisted into making up their own.

But to me, this is all bogus. The man isn't writing those vows, his hired help is.

If the man WANTS to write his own vows, let him. If he doesn't, he should not be forced to do so, or forced to hire someone to write them for him. Some brides even write the vows for them and berate them about memorizing it... if they have issues marrying someone who trouble memorizing things (we can't all have the speech abilities of Barack Obama) then maybe she should find someone who likes speaking publicly.

Evidently bridezillas need to take a chill pill.

NOTE: Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking and effects 75% of the adult population. Fear of making speeches is ranked even above the fear of death. As Jerry Seinfeld said, "The average person at a funeral would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy."

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