Nose Jobs at Work

Rhinoplasty is a horrible cutthroat business (pun intended).

Like many kinds of plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is geared towards using people's poor self esteem about their appearance in order to make a lot of money off people's insecurities.

Take for example the attractive young woman's photo below, just one of many rhinoplasty patients whose photo is all over the internet. (Seriously, one half of rhinoplasty seems to be the giving away of before and after photos on the internet, mostly so the greedy rhinoplasty surgeon can make more money.) Anyway, back to my point. The woman in the photo is perfectly attractive, her nose is just a little crooked - so little that most people probably don't notice that much until you point it out.

So here is the important questions:

Did she NEED rhinoplasty?


Was she attractive without rhinoplasty?


Is society's obsession with "perfection" a mental disease?


Did the surgeon make oodles of money off her insecurities and the insecurities of many other women and men?


How many women vs men get rhinoplasty because they feel insecure about their appearance?

According to one source I found, 74% of rhinoplasty patients are women. According to a different source 221,000 Americans had rhinoplasty in 2013, which was down 9% from 2012.

And now to close, a scene from Seinfeld wherein a woman feels insecure about her nose thanks to Kramer's idiotic comment.

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