Black Female Athletes

As far as black female athletes go, how many can you name?

I mean asides from Venus Williams and Serena Williams. That is it. I could only name two.

When I asked a Haitian Canadian woman she listed Flo Jo, the runner - aka Florence Griffith Joyner - who died in 1998. She was able to name 3 (she also listed Venus and Serena).

And that is the thing.

When it comes to female athletes - and especially black female athletes, their names are often left out of our pop culture memories.

I mean there are a lot of black female athletes out there. Including athletes in disciplines not commonly done by African-Americans. Like gymnasts like American gymnast Gabrielle Douglas.

Or Mabel Fairbanks, an African American figure skater. Same goes with Debi Thomas, Surya Bonaly, and Tiffani Tucker.

And doubtless many others deserving of praise, but for whatever reason not recognized by mainstream media - which largely focuses on athletes that are white and male. I am not saying the media is racist or sexist, but they're definitely profit driven and have a very narrow view of what is profitable.

Truth be told I think all sports broadcasting is profitable. The people in charge just haven't realized that it doesn't matter whether we watch male hockey or female hockey, Canadians will watch anything with hockey in it.

Same goes with football. Americans would watch anything with football in it - including women's football.

The same could likely be said for Italians and soccer - because they're crazy about soccer in Italy.

So if you have difficulty naming female athletes, whose fault is that? The athletes? Or the broadcasters who don't think it will be profitable to sell a product people are willing to buy?

If we televised women's hockey, women's archery, women's boxing - I would watch those matches! And I can tell you right now I would not be alone in my thirst to watch women's sporting events.

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