Sex on the Beach in Dubai

SEX - If a man kisses a woman in public in Dubai its illegal and could lead to arrest. Public displays of affection are illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

As is public drunkenness and having sex out of wedlock.

British visitors Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer (who are not married) can testify to all of these, as they were arrested for getting drunk and having sex on a public beach in Dubai. They pleaded guilty to the charge of public drunkenness but denied having sex on the beach.

Now here's the dumb thing: The reason they were drunk is because they both attended an all-you-can-drink champagne brunch. So basically here's a scenario... a country that strictly forbids public drunkenness and the hotel they're staying at is giving away all-you-can-drink booze... that's just asking for trouble.

The pair were convicted and originally sentenced to 3 months in prison but today managed to get their sentence reduced to a fine of approx. US$272 each.

Word of advice for tourists... if you want to get drunk and have sex on the beach find a more liberal country that has topless beaches and that sort of thing.

Apparently Dubai is almost 50% American/British ex-patriots, which creates a huge social divide for what is socially acceptable.

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