Muscle Gain at Work

My winter goal was to do a lot of weightlifting and put on a lot of muscle over course of the winter.

I weighed myself today. 183 lbs with clothes off. Up from 165 lbs when I last weighed myself in December. And yet I've lost belly fat over the winter due to my exercising / weightlifting regimen. Not a lot, but enough that it is probably about 3 to 5 lbs.

Which leaves only two possible explanations... I've either put on about 20 lbs of muscle during the winter - or I've gained weight due to increased bone density (most likely it is a combination of muscle and bone density, because weightlifting also boosts bone density).

I have put on more muscle mass over the winter, but I didn't think it was anywhere close to 20 lbs. That is a lot more than I was expecting.

In other news I also bought new running shoes for jogging this Spring and Summer. Nike Crosstrainers. (I've purchased many Nike shoes over the years, but never cross-trainers before.)

My goal is lose even more belly fat now that is is Spring by doing a lot of jogging, cycling and to continue my weightlifting regimen. The end goal of which is to have really nice six-pack abs. Having the new running shoes will certainly help with that.

Still... back to the muscle growth it boggles my mind that I put on that much muscle/bone density weight in the space of 4 months (December, January, February, March). Roughly 5 lbs of muscle per month...

And to be fair I wasn't even trying that hard. Some days I worked extra hard on the weightlifting and some days I didn't do any weightlifting at all. (You are supposed to have rest periods in-between heavy weightlifting days in order to avoid muscle fatigue.)

Which proves that while I wasn't trying that hard, I still succeeded at putting on way more muscle than I was expecting. Approx. 5 lbs of muscle per month over a 4 month period.

Now to be fair, I am a certified personal trainer and I do know quite a bit about the topic of building extra muscle (see the articles below on my personal training website), but even I wasn't expecting to build 20 lbs of extra muscle so easily.

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Now part of what might be surprising me is that while the fat I lost over the winter was noticeable, the muscle I gained over the winter was not as easily noticeable. Yes, I do know I've put on extra muscle... But I think a lot of it is back muscles, core muscles and muscle weight in areas I can't really see that easily without a mirror.

Thus it doesn't really work for me to get out the calipers and measure my back muscles. I can't really reach properly and I never measure my back muscles in December so I don't really have a clue what my back muscles looked like back then.

I've also noticed it in my biceps, triceps and shoulders, but the change isn't super obvious.

As a personal trainer ideally I should be in really good shape - and eat properly. But to be fair I am currently not in spectacular shape. I got my certification back in November, and while I am muscular and fit I still have a bit of belly fat I would like to shed... and I would like those muscles to be more pronounced - which means I need to do two things:

#1. Cardio, to shed those last few pounds of belly fat.

#2. A lot more weightlifting.

The good news is I am seeing lots of progress, so that makes me really motivated to keep going. And that is really the hardest part, motivating yourself to exercise daily. If I keep up my weightlifting regimen I might be able to put on another 30 to 40 lbs of muscle weight by January of 2014.

When I was younger I had six-pack abs because I was running around on a farm every day. Since moving to Toronto and going to university I put on a lot of fat in an hurry. It has since been a decade since I graduated and while I have lost about 40 lbs of fat in the last 4 years, I still have a few more lbs to shed before I get my six-pack abs back.

Reminder to Self - Do a follow up post in September to see the status of my abs.

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