Female Bodybuilders at Work

HEALTH/SEX - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Well, what about female bodybuilders?

I'm not talking about regular women's weightlifting which doesn't cause women to look masculine.

No, I am talking about the steroid and testosterone chugging professional female bodybuilders who have devoted their lives to looking like... well... men.

Arnold Schwarzenegger specifically.

Some of them aren't so buff as Arnold, but the ones who take it seriously are taking so many testosterone pills that their voices have become masculine and they can no longer conceive children due to infertility.

Its so much that they're really just a sex change surgery away from being considered men.

Some of the female bodybuilders view their strength as a source of pride and even support feminist views on the topic, but its not very natural.

Female Olympic weightlifters don't use steroids or testosterone pills to bulk up and develop bulgy muscles.

In our modern world, where bizarreness is becoming more commonplace, there is a select group of men and women who find the bulgy look attractive on women.

So much so that there is a booming porn industry catering to men who like bodybuilding women... a bit disgusting to some people. Almost like gay porn in a way with all the muscles and such.

You would assume female bodybuilders would get regular jobs that require heavy lifting, like piano movers or construction work, but apparently the porn industry pays better.

Begging the question: Do female bodybuilders use Secret antiperspirant? (Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman?)

Some female bodybuilders look more natural than others.


Great said...

I just love being feminine.

Tina Noire said...

I'm sorry but if a guy finds this sexy I think it's just wrong a woman is to look like a woman and a man to find this sexy, my question is, are they gay?

zookr said...

Mistress Noire -
What are you, a dominatrix? And to answer your question - no.

Focus503 said...

I think their legs look nice, not so much the upper body.

But, that's during the average day, not when they've cycled down for a contest, eating dry oatmeal and not drinking water for 36 hours and to purposely dehydrate themselves.

People have the idea that bodybuilders always look like they do in a contest...women do you always look like you do during your period? No, a pound or five of extra water makes a huge difference.

Missy Chan said...

Female bodybuilders can indeed take it to the extreme--of skirting death--by abstaining from water & lowering their body fat content to less than 5%. This alone (the low body fat) will cause them to show amenorrheic (sp?). As mentioned, though, they don't take these extremes unless training for a contest or special occasion. The healthiness or unhealthiness of the situation are really secondary, however. Bodybuilding by these women is as an _art_form_. Body sculpting is a preferred term by men and women who do this. It's kind of an extreme sport & not for everyone, that's for sure!

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