Male P*rnstars + Penis Enlargement Surgery

Someone has pointed out to me that I have numerous posts which bring up the topic of breast implants, but I have zero posts which talk about Penis Enlargement Surgery.

To be specific three posts come to mind:
 So yes, I admit we have discussed that quite a bit and have devoted zero attention to the topic of Penis Enlargement Surgery.

Until now!

According to my research this type of surgery is really popular in several places:

#1. Hollywood (mostly p*rnstars who want to be bigger, but also celebrities who are insecure about their size)

#2. United States (although I think this more about having more access to this type of surgery)

#3. China and India (super embarrassing for the men over there I guess)

#4. Germany (also known for its p*rn industry)

The average penis length (according to a 1996 study) is:
  • unstretched, flaccid length 8.8cm (3.9 inches)
  • stretched (pulled firmly out from the body), flaccid length 12.4cm (4.8 inches).
  • erect penis, measured in the same way as above, is 12.9cm (5.2 inches).
Note: Some places that do provide Penis Enlargement Surgery apparently have a minimum "shortness requirement" of less than 3 inches when erect. They apparently feel it is unethical to operate on anyone who is already longer than that.

Of course that doesn't stop Hollywood or the p*rn industry. They just shop around and find a surgeon who will do it anyway.

Its estimated that roughly half of all male p*rnstars in the USA have had Penis Enlargement Surgery.

So if you're a man and you've been watching too much p*rn and feeling inadequate, then don't! That stuff you are watching is more fake than Pamela Anderson's breasts during the 1990s.

So lets pretend for a moment that you were a man who had an erect penis of only 3 inches. Honestly, you probably can't even get women to stick with you once they find out how small you are in bed. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad for the people who go through the whole dating process only to have their love interest dump them because "Your penis is too small!"

Okay, so following that assumption, how much does Penis Enlargement Surgery actually cost?

Answer - About $4,500 appears to be the average cost. It ranges between $4,000 and $5,000 for a lengthening surgery. (You can also have a girth enhancement for $2,000 and a skin graft done for another $5,000. Three surgeries totaling about $12,000 if you want to go all out.)

And while we are at, how much of an increase is actually possible?

Answer - 1/2 an inch to up to 2 inches, varies on the person.

Ogawd... Imagine the poor guy with a 2 inch penis who goes through the surgery, pays $5,000, and it only increases his length by 1/2 an inch?

I am sorry, but that is really funny (and sad). I am sorry I am not treating this with more sensitivity, but I honestly think that is really laughable.

Its not funny if Mr Shorty commits suicide afterwards, I admit, but I must admit as a somewhat macho guy I've been raised in a culture that makes fun of men with really short penises - and treats such things as inherently funny.

And I not alone. In South Korea they have parks filled with giant erect penis statues. I've included photos below.

I think the point I am trying to make here is that size does matter to men. Men want to be either average or above average. If they are less than average... or worse, pathetically small, then its just embarrassing for them.

And note also that men don't seem to care how beautiful their penis is. Size is pretty much all they care about. As if having a "big and beautiful penis" isn't something that women would desire. Goes nicely with "tall, dark and handsome".

Men are Typically Predictable

 The following is a list of 10 things that men ALWAYS do when it comes to women*...

#1. If a man sees a topless woman he is guaranteed to smile. Even the men who publicly say ill of women walking around topless will secretly thinking "Huzzah for Women's Lib!"

#2. A man will always think that given time and a deserted island a woman will fall to his charms. Its just a matter of time in his mind. (Although getting lots of exercise, hunting, eating more fruits, veggies and berries probably will improve his chances along the way.)

#3. If a man looks at a woman his first thought is "Can I have sex with this person?" If she is unattractive in theory his level of respect for her rights just went up a notch because the average man will treat an unattractive woman with more respect than he would an attractive woman. Notice I said "the average man". That does not mean ALL men do that, but they do all immediately think "Can I have sex with this person?"
#4. A man presented with an opportunity to be a pig and isn't going to get caught or punished will at least think about doing it even if he doesn't act on it. Its the men who actually act on it who are the true sexist pigs, not the men who just happen to think it.

#5. Men will always assume that the woman has a sense of humour and will find their antics funny and charming.

#6. A man will always be vaguely surprised when the woman doesn't find his antics funny and charming. He's been operating under the assumption that he is charming and adorable all these years... and despite evidence to the contrary, will continue to believe that.

#7. A man on a bicycle will always try to race a woman in an effort to prove how fast he is. Its an ego thing.

#8. Place a woman in a room full of men and they will either start swearing less or more. Less if they are trying to be more polite in her presence, more if they are trying to impress her with macho swearing.

#9. If a woman asks a man to fix something he will at least think about attempting it. Even if the man has no formal training in how to fix something (eg. like a bicycle mechanic) the man will always assume that he can figure it out on his own without anyone's help or following the instruction manual.

#10. A man will always assume that he is stronger than he really is. Even if he is not into weightlifting he will still try to lift something just to see if he can. Men will always think that women are impressed by this, even if they fail to lift it.

* Assuming they are heterosexual. I cannot speak for homosexual men. I have no idea what they are thinking with respect to women.

The Perfect Male Body at Work

I've been meaning to write this particular blog post for awhile.

Partially because I have a strong interest in exercise and being fit, but also because its interesting in terms of what people actually consider attractive... And lastly because one of my previous blog posts, The Perfect Female Body at Work, is the most popular blog post on this site.

So in the interest of doing the reverse of that post I decided I should research the topic of the Perfect Male Body... and just see what scientists and experts on the topic have to say.

On the right is a photo of male fashion model Marcus Schenkenberg. Widely regarded to be one of the most attractive men in the last century - beating out people like Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds and even Tom Selleck.

According to one poll I came across in my research Tom Selleck in his younger years, when he was Magnum PI, was ranked by women as the most attractive male actor. Suck on that Sean Connery.


First, according to an article in Psychology Today women seek out relationships with handsome men for their genes - and handsomeness is largely determined by symmetry. Symmetry is effected by having a healthful body and thus the level of a man's health correlates directly to his physical attractiveness.

Symmetrical physical healthiness form part of the equation for the perfect body for men. Genetic mutations, abnormalities and environmental factors can reduce symmetry in human body development. Symmetry provides an evolutionary symbol for mating. According to another article, this one in Live Science, men with higher degrees of symmetry on the face and body will have more sexual partners than men with lower degrees of symmetry. Even men who are overweight or skinny will be considered more attractive if their face is symmetrical and thus garner them more women.

Above Right - A photo of arm wrestling champion Matthias Schlitte with his one freakishly large arm. He only exercises the one arm... and is an example of what NOT to do if you want to have a symmetrical body.

Getting a symmetrical body is really just a matter of exercising ALL your body parts evenly combined with a healthy diet. Various genetic abnormalities will decrease the level of symmetry, but most of it can be corrected. Even a crooked nose can be partially corrected by doing Nose Exercises.

Upper Body

The perfect body for men features a broad torso. According to several sources physical attractiveness for men also depends on broad shoulders. The human male evolved a broader torso to support larger lung capacity and better distribution of oxygen. This supports running and exercising.

Even today leaders of tribal civilizations tend to have a broad torsos. Likewise women are more attracted to a male body that features broad shoulders and a strong chest with muscular arms, but those factors are not the be all - end all, because again those things should be symmetrical.

Having broad shoulders and a broad chest likely is a visual factor in voting for leaders too, although not for women obviously.

Lower Body

Small, firm buttocks are another feature of the perfect body for men. Sexual intercourse involves thrusting motions that are supported by muscles in a man's upper legs and buttocks and thus a nice muscular butt that is the right shape for thrusting suggests a man who is virile in bed. A Psyduction magazine article suggests that women prefer men with small and firm rear ends because it suggests they are more powerful lovers.

Thus for men wearing a kilt which covers up a shapely butt is a big no-no. If anything men with a nice ass should be making an effort to show off their goods by wearing skin tight clothing. Like the shot of Batman's (Val Kilmer's) butt below from "Batman Forever" which they did as lewd joke within the film while hs is strapping on his armour/costume.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio

The perfect body for men has a waist-to-hip ratio of approx. 0.9. The Royal Society published a study that says that women prefer men who have a torso with an inverted triangle shape. This shape corresponds with a man that has a narrow waist, and a broad chest and shoulders.

Meanwhile a Live Science article says that women prefer men who have a waist-to-hip ratio between 0.8 and 1.0. The article notes that men within this range are less susceptible to certain diseases, such as cardiovascular and blood sugar problems or cancer - whereas men who are overweight and have large bellies / asses are more likely to have health problems. The Royal Society study states that this ratio is related to the distribution of fat between the upper and lower body and obesity correlates with higher waist-to-hip ratios.

Men with pot bellies thus just aren't sexy. Pot bellies are due to malnutrition (too much sugar and carbs) and are a sign of someone who just doesn't eat properly. So again, that is something that can be fixed through exercise and healthy eating.

Volume Height Index / BMI

The perfect body for men also has a volume height index that corresponds with higher levels of health. The volume height index is a man's volume divided by the square of his height. According to various sources the volume height index is the best indicator of male attractiveness and that the volume height index is a more reliable measure of male attractiveness than the waist-to-hip ratio. Whether this is true or not is questionable.

All volume height index is really just a different way of calculating BMI (Body Mass Index), a tool typically used for measuring whether people are obese, overweight, healthy or anorexic.

Except under the VHI system, anorexic men would be considered attractive, which we know is not true. Therefore I don't think the VHI system is reliable. A better system is BMI, wherein the healthy middle ground for BMI is the obvious choice for attractiveness.


According to my research most women prefer men with lots of hair - a la Burt Reynolds.

According to sources the reason is because lots of healthy looking hair is a sign of virility. Men with lots of chest hair / etc = a sexy beast in the sack, which will produce similarly healthy babies.

In contrast baldness or lack of hair suggests a deformity or genetic inferiority. However this isn't true for all women however. Some women prefer men who are bald, as per Sean Connery or Bruce Willis.

But for the vast majority of women body hair is considered to be an attractive feature.

So what do women like best?

According to a poll done in the London Sunday Times here is a list of 11 attributes British men imagine women admire most about them.

Muscular Chest and Shoulders 21%
Muscular Arms 18%
Penis 15%
Tallness 13%
Flat Stomach 9%
Slimness 7%
Hair 4%
Buttocks 4%
Eyes 4%
Long Legs 3%
Neck 2%

And here is the real results of what physical attributes British women found most attractive:

Buttocks (described as "small and sexy") 39%
Slimness 15%
Flat Stomach 13%
Eyes 11%
Long Legs 6%
Tallness 5%
Hair 5%
Neck 3%
Penis 2%
Muscular Chest and Shoulders 1%
Muscular Arms 0%

So evidently what men think is attractive vs what women really want are two worlds apart. The buttocks are, according to the poll of women, 19.5 times more important than the penis for example.


What women really want, and consider perfect, is a tall man with long legs who is slim, has nice abs, nice eyes and hair, a nicely shaped neck and penis (WTF is with the neck stats???) and if he is muscular that is a nice bonus. Basically a man who is fit and has a nice butt and abs.

So how does a man get a nice butt and abs?

Cardio exercises. Lots of cardio. Plus sit ups once you've lost the necessary weight. Doing ab exercises won't do anything if its under a layer of fat except make your stomach bulge out more. You have to lose the weight via cardio first, then start focusing on ab exercises and core strengthening exercises. Weightlifting will help a bit, but its better to target the core muscles (abs, obliques and back muscles) first.

You can't do much about the genetic factors of long legs and tallness. You are what you are. But exercising to look better certainly helps. This poll now shows why Marcus Schenkenberg and Tom Selleck rank so high. They are both tall, slim, nice abs / butt, good eyes, hair, and I am guessing neck too.

Why would women find a man's neck so important? I am guessing it is due to symmetry.

Archery Chicks at Work


What is it with films depicting women as archers?

And I don't just mean the Hunger Games. I also mean films like

Princess of Thieves (starring Keira Knightley with a bow)

King Arthur (starring Keira Knightley with a bow, again)

Your Highness (starring Natalie Portman with a bow)

Brave (animated, so that doesn't really count)

Blade Trinity (starring Jessica Biel with a bow)

Chronicles of Narnia (starring Anne Popplewell with a bow)

And the list keeps going. It isn't limited to Hollywood films either. A lot of Japanese anime also features female archers. Inuyasha's Kagome and Kikyo both use a bow.

It really is a huge stereotype of female archers in films. Sure, I admit, I would rather watch a female shooting arrows than a male... just a preference of beauty... But I am a tad annoyed at the constant stereotype that if a female is in a war-like scenario she goes for the bow over the sword or axe.

I think its because, perhaps, a bit of a judgmental thing on the part of the writers in Hollywood. They don't think women can swing a sword or an axe. Totally ignoring the chick with the axe in Dragonheart... or any movie containing Joan of Arc.

Thus it is well-established that women are perfectly capable of swinging a sword or axe. But Hollywood writers apparently don't like having women in the thick of melee combat and instead often have them as "supporting cast" wielding bows instead.

Now I am not saying Hollywood should stop making films with females who are archers. Absolutely not! Keep doing that... but try to mix it up with some more variety.

How about spears? Javelins? Tridents? Blowdarts? Crossbows? Throwing Axes? Good ol' fashioned throwing knives?

And since Hollywood is currently on an archery kick, would you please make something about the life of Awa Kenzo? Yes, technically it would be a drama - not much action in the life of a zen archery master. But make it anyway because his life is actually a very interesting story.

Except I don't think Hollywood would ever make such a film. It would really only be Japanese filmmakers who would think to make that.


Frigusphilia is a fetish whereby you enjoy having sex in cold showers, having sex in the snow, that sort of thing.

Having sex in a cold shower actually comes with a long list of health benefits. It burns calories, boosts the immune system, stimulates muscle growth and testosterone levels in men, increases sperm count, boosts metabolism and energy levels and a whole bunch of side benefits for your health.

See a list of the health benefits by reading the article Cold Showers Burns Calories.

The thing is when you consider all the health benefits, especially for men, I am surprised married couples aren't having cold showers together more often.

Just the hormone / testosterone boost alone helps to boost muscle growth, which means every man looking to build muscle should be standing in line to take a cold shower.

Let alone have sex in a cold shower! If you've ever done that then you know it feels absolutely amazing. After awhile you don't even notice the cold water, it just feels refreshingly cold.

And while we are at it having sex also boosts your immune system, metabolism, and so forth, thus having sex in a cold shower should be a health boost double whammy.

And seriously, do you really need more encouragement to have sex?

Also discovered something interesting... Hot baths apparently work as a contraceptive. It lowers a man's fertility to the point that if a man takes a 30 minute hot bath every day for 3 weeks his sperm count drops to almost zero. The heat from the hot baths kills sperm. Takes about 3 weeks to wear off too, so if you want to increase your sperm count and make babies its time to start having cold showers.

So yeah... Frigusphilia. Its a good thing!

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