Long Johns at Work

Years ago it was always my feeling that "long johns" were basically just for older men - old fogies who apparently thought it was too cold all the time and yet refused to turn up the heat.

Now that I am 35 however, and work outside regularly - despite the cold - my opinion on long johns and thermal underwear has changed dramatically.

Especially as my interest in hunting has increased (I am thinking about getting my hunting license) I now understand the necessity of having "base layers" underneath my regular clothing in order to keep me warmer when outside for long periods of time (the status quo for hunting).

So as I have gotten older I guess I have become more practical about these things. It is similar to how I didn't used to wear toques when I was younger, but roughly around 2004 I started wearing toques regularly whenever outside.

I have also concluded that thermal underwear / long johns on women... quite sexy. I wouldn't have thought so back when I was a teenager, but I guess that was 20 years ago and my opinion has changed dramatically.

Look at the photo below and you will see what I mean. Fashion companies should be marketing long johns to women more! They basically look like tight fitting pajamas.

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