Phobias and Waiting until the Wedding Night

I heard a funny story recently of a man and a woman who agreed not to have sex until after they were married. It wasn't for religious reasons, they both had their own reasons, but they never got around to explaining to each other why they were against having sex until their marriage night.

The husband as it turns out had an unusual phobia. Medomalacuphobia, which is the fear of losing an erection. Apparently he had been so embarrassed about it at some point that he had long since decided to avoid having sex until after he was married.

Unfortunately the wife had her own reason for wanting to wait until after they were married. She was petrified of the idea. She also had a phobia, Medorthophobia, which is the fear of seeing an erect penis.

So he was afraid of losing his erection and being embarrassed, and she was afraid of seeing erections.

The first coupling was reportedly awkward and there was a lot of explaining that happened.

Fortunately it worked out for both of them. They simply turned the lights off so the wife never saw it, and he was blessed without the embarrassment of her ever seeing it if he did lose his "momentum" in the darkness - and should she ever see it in the un-erect form, well, she was okay with that. Just so long as she didn't see it erect.

They both lived happily ever after.

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