Escorts and Sex Workers at Work


I admit I am probably not the best person to be discussing this topic. I don't even go to strip clubs and the last time I went to a bachelor party and some of the guys decided they wanted to go to a strip club, I hastily decided to go home early because I had zero interest in watching what goes on inside a strip club.

I also recall refraining from drinking any Screech during that particular bachelor party, not because I have any aversion to alcohol, but simply because I don't like Screech and prefer other forms of alcoholic beverages.

There are two kinds of sex workers out there. And I don't mean male or female, although there is certainly that too, and I shall cover that topic further below.

What I am speaking of is the difference between $80 per hour prostitutes and $200+ per hour escorts.

Prostitutes are often the result of "white slavery" and the pimping of women, often for the benefit of men who are running the show and taking the profits. It is an industry fraught with abuse, drug addiction, human trafficking, and emotionally damaged women.

Escorts in contrast often work for themselves (or for an escort agency). Some of them are also dominatrixes - the beauty of which means they often don't even engage in sex, but rather in BDSM torment of willing male slaves who just love having their nipples twisted and getting spanked by a woman wearing tight black leather.

Escorts often make between $200 and $500 per hour, depending on the city, their niche speciality, how classy their looks are - the classier they look the more they make.

Plus Escorts are often in the business not because they are being forced to - but because they chose to make a living this way and have become accustomed to the perks of having a job that pays hundreds of dollars per hour.

Of course not everyone is cut out to be a high-class escort. They are basically a special breed of women - intelligent, sexually liberated, often poly-amorous, and very beautiful. They make up a very tiny percentage of the population as most women simply don't have that combination of looks, brains and street smarts.

Street smarts is a very important topic when it comes to Escorts. After all, depending on state, province or country prostitution is illegal. In Canada for example, prostitution is NOT illegal, but pimping and solicitation is illegal. Basically what that means is that women can be prostitutes - but they're not allowed to advertise it openly and men aren't allowed to pimp them and exploit them sexually.

In addition to being private entrepreneurs, the thing about Escorts is that they aren't necessarily paid to have sex - although for a price, they can do that - but rather they are often just paid as eye candy to be a wealthy man's plus one for social engagements. Which puts them in a legal grey area because they're more like models then - meant to be seen in public as an advertisement more than anything else.

There is also "happy ending massage parlours" and similar places. They're basically brothels, but often offering services like Nuru gel massages, erotic massage, and so forth. I recall first seeing such places when I was living in South Korea where they were sometimes called "Love Baongs"... Not to be confused with "Love Hotels" which were basically kinky hotel rooms for couples (either married, not married, or people who were cheating on their spouses) which rented rooms by the hour.

From a feminist perspective you also have to think of terms of who is in charge here - the Escort evidently is controlling the situation - or in the case of a Dominatrix, controlling it more so in the extreme. We can all certainly agree that if a woman is being forced into a situation where she is being exploited that that is both morally wrong and illegal - but if the woman is doing this of her own free will, without any coercion whatsoever, and is either working for herself or for a women owned escort agency, then that is certainly her choice.

We may not agree with it, but if its her choice and her free will, who are we to say she can't do what she wants to do?

The smart escorts of course are probably saving up their money and thinking of the future when their looks will no longer be enough. There has been quite a few who no doubt used their earnings to pay for their university bills / college education.

Which if anything is a scathing condemnation of the high costs of university tuition if women feel compelled to become escorts so they can pay for their university tuition. Something which is basically the result of cheapskate politicians who cut back on funding for post-secondary education.

I also think it is funny that being a pornstar is legal in the USA, but being a prostitute is not - even though they're both getting paid to have sex.

Which begs another question - Are gigolos (male escorts) illegal in the USA? Male prostitutes (usually performing sex with other men) are known by a variety of euphemisms including male escorts, gigolos, rent-boys, hustlers, models or masseurs.

Such men typically work in a male brothel known as a "Stable" - or gay bathhouses, adult bookstores, or adult "sex clubs".

Internationally there is a lot of slang terms used to describe such male prostitutes, including:

  • Manshora ("male whore") - Sweden
  • Hímringyó (meaning "male whore") - Hungary
  • Rando - Nepali
  • Randwa - India
  • Taxi boy - Argentina; Chile
  • Escort - Chile and many other countries
  • Schandknaap - Netherlands (a passive homosexual partner)
  • Pinguero, jinetero - Cuba
  • Cachero, puto, prostituto - Ecuador
  • Prostituto, puto, garoto de programa (meaning "program boy"), michê, michet, gigolô - Brazil
  • Flete, gigolo or gigolón - Peru
  • Prostituto (for comparison, the word used for female prostitutes is prostituta) - Portugal
  • Jigolo, tokmakçı - Turkey
  • Chichifo (pl. chichifos), puto, prostituto, chacal, mayate - Mexico
  • Callboy - Germany; Philippines
  • Sholbam - Philippines
  • Boys - Tunisia
  • Masajista, puto - Colombia
  • Stricher (usually more derogatory term compared to callboy) - Germany
  • 男娼 (Nanchang) or 男妓 (Nanji), in Chinese. Informally, 鸭子 → yāzǐ (meaning "duck") - Mainland China; 鴨/ money boy, ngaap2 (meaning "duck") - Hong Kong
  • Gigolò, puttano, marchettaro - Italy
  • Chapero, prostituto, puto, gigolo - Spain
  • Tapin - France; gigolo - France, Germany and many other countries; escorte - France and Quebec
  • Trækkerdreng (meaning "boy that walks the streets") - Denmark
  • Жиголо → zhygolo - Ukraine
  • Жиголо → zhigolo - Bulgaria and Russia
  • Жиголо → žigolo - Serbia and Macedonia
  • Ζιγκολό → zigolo - Greece
  • 男娼 → danshō 売り専/ウリ専 → urisen (lit. "exclusively sold") - Japan
  • sشرموط → sharmūṭ - Arabic
  • Zhigolo - Albania
  • Żigolo, żigolak; męska dziwka (meaning "male bitch"); męska kurwa (meaning "male whore", usually derogatory) - Poland
  • 남창(男娼) → namchang (meaning "male prostitute") - South Korea
  • Sanky panky; bugarrón - Dominican Republic
  • Escorta; puto - Puerto Rico
  • Rattopoika (meaning "pastime boy") - Finland
  • Trai bao ("covered boy"); trai gọi ("call boy") - Vietnam
  • Anak ikan; moneyboy; pendangboy - Malaysia
  • Rent boy - United Kingdom
  • זונה → Zoneh → Israel
  • Gandu - Pakistan
  • Mindagadu - Telugu language, Andhra, India
  • Gigolo; Kucing (meaning "cat") - Indonesia
  • Žigolo - Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
What can I say? Its simply such a risque topic.

I should also note the gigolos who work solely for women are not unheard of - but they are extremely rare as most women are not willing to pay for sex.

Indeed I would hazard a guess that it is quite the opposite. Women would be more likely to engage in a Friends With Benefits Relationship rather than pay for sex.

However I think I should point out that FWB is so rare (possibly rarer than sex workers) that while many men and women dream of having such a relationship, they never achieve it because its considered to be very complicated on an emotional level. It is comparatively less complicated emotionally to just accept money for sex because the expectation then is that you will never see the person again.

Much like an one night stand. Which might explain why that happens so often too - because sometimes people just want the sex and then don't want to see the other person ever again.

Sometimes women also use men for sex. I know this because it has happened to me. (I didn't get paid however.)

Back in 2012 I was dating a young Chinese woman and when she and I broke up she explained it was because her parents would never approve of her dating a white man and that she had only been using me for sex - because apparently Caucasiaphilia is just one of those things some Asian women have.

Which begs the question - Would it be possible for a white man to make a living in a large Asian city as a gigolo for women? Tokyo or Beijing for example?

Female escorts from Russia are quite popular in Asia - and comparatively well-paid. Its the same for French or Russian escorts operating in North American cities. Anyone who is exotic gets paid a lot more.

eg. If you go to Alberta, Canada, the highest paid escorts are not white women - its black women / ebony ecorts because they are more rare and exotic in Alberta. In contrast ebony escorts in Toronto are comparatively on par with Caucasian women and Asian women prices wise - but if the escort also speaks French or has a French accent, watch their prices skyrocket.

So would a male French gigolo do well in Asia? Difficult to say.

I imagine he would eventually start to lose his good looks - and if he didn't use his brains to save up a nest egg then I guess he would eventually run low on funds and have to find a different line of work.

It is the same with all sex workers - they either get out of the business while they still can (and hopefully have saved some of their earnings) - or they fall into hard times.

I think that is why I am favour of the new trend towards Escorts. Because they are so well-paid comparatively is a mark towards the gradual evolution of the industry towards something where female and male sex workers are treated more fairly... complete with pensions, dental and benefits.

Could you imagine if it eventually reached a point where sex workers were unionized and could go on strike for more benefits, better pay and better pensions?

It sounds like a science-fiction novel of a distopian future. Although to be fair, we already have a distopia - and compared to the 1950s we are the future. They probably never imagined the kind of social changes that would happen over the past 60 years.

Eventually at some point in the future someone is going to invent a Sex Robot... at which point we will see one or two things happen... Either the sex robots will be so good that the sex workers industry basically disappears entirely...

Or the sex robots will be only so good and people will crave something that has emotions and intelligence. In which case we may see a revival in what we refer to as "Courtesans" - women who were both available sexually, but valued both for their looks and their intelligence.

In Japan such women were known as Oiran, Geishas, Tayu and so forth and were considered to be more like "Entertainers" than anything else... and it was most certainly a business.

Idiots and Bigots at Work

Ever has an email argument with an idiotic bigot?

You know what I mean. The kind of uneducated right-wing bigot who is most likely a Nazi sympathizer.

Eg. Yesterday I had an argument with an American bigot who was complaining about Canada's laws prohibiting the publication of hate literature. Why? Because he apparently thinks racist writings are a good thing - as if you can't find lots of that online anyway.

I chalk that up to America's problems with the KKK - which despite being labeled an illegal terrorist group continue to pubish and distribute their beliefs freely.

Could you imagine if an Al-Qaeda sympathizer had been spreading hate literature in the USA after 9/11? That would have been a guaranteed arrest and thrown in Guantanamo.

But since the KKK is seen more as a bunch of idiot rednecks with the combined IQ of Sarah Palin the end result is that most people don't take them seriously. They're too much of a joke.

So terrorist group schmerrorist schmoup.

Its amazing the FBI / CIA / Homeland Security has never launched a large scale plan to arrest all the KKK leaders.

Or maybe not. They are after all, pretty ridiculous. The leader of the KKK uses the title "Grand Wizard". Which is to say that they use a title so nerdy that they sound like a bunch of LARPers...

Live Action RolePlayers. They dress up in costumes and play with padded swords.

So knowing that its very difficult to take them seriously.

Which is exactly what you should do the next time you get in an argument with an idiotic bigot - laugh at them.

And then block their email address so you don't waste any more time on morons.

Interesting Point - If you compare IQ testing scores for state by state averages, the states with the lowest IQ scores are also the states which spend the lowest amount of money on education - and they're home to the most rednecks. Proof that low education = ignorant idiots.

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