Television Going Downhill

TECHNOLOGY/ENTERTAINMENT - Remember that stereotype of a guy flipping channels with the remote trying to find something fun or interesting to watch?

That happened to me just 5 minutes ago, and once I realized that there was nothing but crap on the CBC, that the other channels were all crap too, I decided to turn off the TV and go on the internet.

And in that moment my male brain said "Wait a sec... this is why the internet is becoming so popular and TV is going downhill. You can find whatever you want instantly."

What we have is a case of too much crap television these days. The cable networks have gone overboard with their idiotic shows like "So You Think You Can Dance Canada?", American Idol, The Amazing Race and a plethora of other reality TV crap... on top of that you have scant few shows that are worth watching (ie. The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Sex and the City, CSI and a few others).

And as for drama or action? We have crap shows like The Border, based on a non-existent elite border security squad. There's no such thing.

Its no wonder they've revived the old Night Rider franchise. Television is becoming ridiculously boring and apparently the best we can do is regurgitate popular shows from the 1980s.

Oh, and lest we forget the movie industry, which is coming out with a new X-Files movie. Same idea basically. They're probably going to bring X-Files back in reruns.

It all boils down to one conclusion: Television is obsolete and the television industry hasn't figured it out yet that they've oversaturated the market with too many crappy shows, which incidentally are driving people towards more internet usage.

There is one show I absolutely recommend: Top Gear. Its a BBC show about cars, and its hysterical. Top Gear is now in the 12th season and its the most downloaded TV show on the internet (its also very easy to find and download on the file sharing networks). It wins awards every year for being one of the best shows in the world, but unfortunately few people in North America know about it. Watch the Rednecks in Alabama clip to get an idea of how hilarious the show is.

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