Mixed Martial Arts is for Wussies

 By Charles Moffat.

I love the scene below from "Grudge Match". It summed up how I have been feeling about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for years now.

I am so happy "Grudge Match" brought this topic up.

MMA is a bunch of steroid overdosing men with big egos who don't really know how to a throw a proper punch. Oh sure, the MMA has lots of "big men" in their 'sports entertainment' franchise (MMA is not a real sport), men with even bigger egos, but there is really no skill involved in MMA.


Let me break it down for you. The MMA fighting style exactly the same fighting style as two seven year olds rolling around in the dirt punching each other. That is not a "martial art". It is not a "sport" either. It is two grown men behaving like 7-year-olds. Observe the photos below and see what I mean.

See the similarities? Even little girls fight like that. (Seriously, I have seen it happen.)

Chimpanzees have better fighting styles. A chimpanzee at least knows how to throw a proper punch. Heck a chimp can even be trained to jump in the air and do a spin kick.

Here is another thing that bothers me about MMA - the length of the fights.

A boxing match is typically 10 to 15 rounds long, 3 minutes per round. That is 30 to 45 minutes of getting punched in the head and chest.

MMA (Unified Rules) matches have 3 rounds (sometimes 5 rounds for a title match), each round is 5 minutes long. So that is only 15 usually, with a maximum of 25 minutes in a title match.

What that tells you is that boxers have roughly twice or thrice the endurance of MMA fighters (who apparently get tired too easily because they're a bunch of pansies that fight like children).

What is also funny is the number of times MMA 'fighters' have gotten into real life fights with police, random strangers, etc - and got seriously beat up because they turned out to be wussies in a real fight.

Take for example a Brazilian MMA fighter named Maiquel Falc√£o who in 2013 tried kissing a girl at a gas station. He then got beat up by the girl's boyfriend and sent to the hospital with massive injuries. That is just one incident. There is another incident where a MMA fighter got in a fight with a much smaller Navy Seal, and the Navy Seal won easily.

With the growth in MMA popularity during the last decade there is now literally dozens of incidents per month of self-proclaimed MMA fighters (losers who joined a MMA club of some kind) who have been getting beaten up by the police, military personnel, boxers, martial artists (real martial artists, not the phoney MMA kind), and even grannies with their handbags.

Seriously. How bad of a fighter do you have to be to get beat up by a granny with her purse?


And I bring this up without any feelings of homophobia - but MMA feels a bit gay. And by a bit, I mean a lot. Two grown men rolling around on the ground, mostly naked, grabbing at each other and punching each other - I wouldn't be surprised if they sometimes get an embarrassing erection.

Now there is nothing wrong with being gay. It is just that MMA is a very macho piece of 'sports entertainment' and the gay moments happen during EVERY fight - and even before the fights, as you can see in the clip below.

Whether that was to psyche his opponent out (which it probably did) it illustrates what I am trying to prove here. MMA is just 'sports entertainment'. That whole scene was probably done just for publicity.

MMA is no more a real sport than the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), another 'sports entertainment' franchise which uses a lot of theatrics and acting in order to provide more entertainment for the audience.

Basically what it comes down to is that MMA is an adult glorification of the same kind of fighting little kids do. No finesse. No skill. Just brute stupidity.

Boxing requires discipline.

Martial arts (real martial arts) requires discipline.

Military training requires discipline.

MMA? All that requires is a bunch of steroids, some weight training, and a big enough ego to step inside a ring and fight like an embarrassing little kid.

I guarantee if you stick a 200 lb MMA guy in a ring with a 200 lb angry chimpanzee, the chimpanzee will beat the crap out of the MMA guy (and possibly eat his face off). Why? Because MMA men are just punks with muscles and no self control - and can apparently get up by a granny wielding a purse.

But a boxer? You put a 200 lb boxer in a ring with an angry chimp and the boxer will knock the chimp's lights out. And they would never get beat up by an elderly woman with a purse.

End of Story.

About the Author

Charles Moffat has formally studied boxing, kick boxing, wrestling (Olympic style) and studied Taekwondo in South Korea. He currently teaches archery and boxing in Toronto, Canada.

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