Stuck Up Little Bitches at Work

ENTERTAINMENT - Please pardon my amusing choice of words for the title and the fact part of this post will sound like a movie and book review.

The movie is the 2008 film "Gran Torino" starring Clint Eastwood. I watched it earlier today and give it 5 stars out of 5 (and I'm a HARSH critic!).

The book is "Girls on the Edge: The four factors driving the new crisis for girls" by Dr. Leonard Sax, author, physician and psychologist. I haven't actually read the book, I am just going on a summary and some quotes provided by Toronto Star reporter Antonia Zerbisias in her article: Is Facebook behind today's girl crisis?

Now the reason why I use the words "stuck up little bitches" is for good reason. I am describing a particular kind of young woman, often a teenager, who is so naive about the world and stuck in their own little "cyberbubble" (Dr. Sax's words) that they are rude to other people and their end behaviour is that of a stuck up little bitch.

Lets start with the granddaughter in the film Gran Torino. In the clips below you will see how she is more worried about her cellphone than she is about hurting her grandfather's feelings. Then she takes it a step farther and starts coveting his car, the Gran Torino. You can practically see the grandfather's thoughts when he glares at her. His wife has just died and already the granddaughter is scheming what will happen when she loots the remains of his death.

Greedy relatives isn't really a modern concept. Its been around for as long as ownership laws and you could argue rude teenagers is pretty normal too.

Of course not all teenagers are rude, just like not all granddaughters are rude. I would hope the stereotypical "stuck up little bitch" is a rarity more than the norm.

They are certainly out there however and I am sure we all have memories of encountering a few. Arrogance is a factor, but its more than that. A person can be arrogant but still polite to people. This is a dreadful combination of arrogance, rudeness, a feeling of entitlement, a lack of empathy, greed and a lack of respect for everyone around them. They are spoiled rotten.

And I would argue there is a difference between young women who are spoiled rotten and young men who receive similar treatment from their parents. Females develop a sort of "Princess ego" as "Daddy's Little Girl" who can do no wrong, has been ridiculously sheltered and now expects the world to wait on them. (And gets upset when people don't go to extremes to please their fragile sense of entitlement.)

I believe people have to EARN respect by treating others with respect. If you're rude to someone the chances of other people being rude back greatly increases.

In our era of Girls Gone Wild however young women seem to have fallen prey to society's woes, rather than actually trying to do something different and better themselves, they are going along merrily with it.

A sad but unmeasurable number of young women these days are too focused on superficial qualities, beauty and their ability to attract a male. They spend more time taking photos and updating their Facebook photos than actually studying, doing homework, getting a part-time job and trying to make something of themselves. They're so self-indulged they ignore the chance to accomplish something.

According to Dr. Leonard Sax and his book (mentioned at the top) a proportion of 21st century teenagers are stuck in their own little "cyberbubble" where they ignore homework, text and chat 24/7, where t-shirts that say "SLUT"

That's skewing their self-image and their world view, believes.

“Most parents have no clue how kids are using Facebook,” says Dr. Sax. “The majority of boys are going on to look for photographs of girls they know and girls they don't know."

"Meanwhile, girls are intent on making the best possible photographs for their profile, presenting their brand, tweaking their photos to make themselves cuter than they are.”

Dr. Sax has written other books, including 2006's "Boys Adrift: The five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men".

So its not just young women who are at fault here. A lot of young men are so distracted sexually that they're ignoring their potential.

According to Dr. Sax: “The gender war is the ongoing and generally unproductive debate between people who tend to be politically conservative who think there's a boy crisis and people on the left who think there's a girl crisis. In fact, both boys and girls are disadvantaged, in different ways.”

Dr. Sax's advice in the book is the following: No private computer in their bedroom, no cellphones at the dinner table, no cellphones during family events (funeral, birthday parties, etc.) and encourage real-life networking with friends.

“It's not possible, it's not practical to say to parents don't let your kids have computers or cellphones. That's not going to happen. So the question is, how do you be a parent? I find that parents are unsure, uncertain and insecure about their authority.”

In other words stop spoiling your kids with techie crap. In fact stop spoiling them altogether.

When a child is spoiled they begin to feel they are entitled to things. They stop trying to earn things and the end result is a lack of motivation. They want other people to do their work for them.

But will parents just stop pandering to their kids? Doubtful. This is something that parents have to do early on, before the age of 4. Suddenly ceasing to spoil your kids will result in an emotional backlash.

So good luck with that.

The mass media isn't helping either. Everyday our kids, especially girls, are bombarded with advertisements which cause them to worry about their body image, their social status with friends and their sex life (often before they're emotionally ready for sex).

For the spoiled teen girl the temptation of sex comes with the perks of increased social status amongst other girls and the ability to gain the attention of boys. (Because teenage boys like sluts.) These naive young women aren't having sex because they're burning up with lust or feelings of love, they're doing it because they've recognized a desire to be accepted socially (although who can say when they have so many confusing hormones in their system).

Not all these hormone crazed teens are jumping off the deep end however. According to Dr. Sax many young women have learned to tune out the media assaults, to read between the lines and have become jaded against corporations trying to sell to teenagers. Dr. Sax's term for this is “corporatized.”

He also says boys have reacted slightly differently to the corporate media.

“More and more boys are developing an epicurean ability to enjoy themselves – to enjoy video games, pornography, food and sleep – but they often don't have the drive and motivation to succeed in the real world outside their bedroom,” writes Sax. “More and more of their sisters have that drive and motivation in abundance – but they don't know how to relax, how to have fun and enjoy life. For many of these girls, each accomplishment is only a stepping stone to the next goal.”

That is until reality gets in the way and Miss Smartest or Miss Prettiest at the High School finds herself Miss Nobody at university, says Dr. Sax.

“These girls are having a great time as long as everything goes their way,” he says. “But when they don't get what they want, because things don't turn out the way they expect, because they are not as smart as they think they are. They need to have an inner spirit so that they can get through that dark night of the soul. More and more girls don't have that – and they don't see the problem.”

The girls who are so spoiled they can't handle the stress of the real world become depressed – and may struggle with depression for the rest of their lives according to Dr. Sax.

Dr. Sax is also worried because girls “are getting older younger.” They are dressing slutty at a younger age, they are having sex too soon and they're growing up too fast during a time period in their lives where they are very impressionable.

There are no facts and statistics to back much of these observations, Dr. Sax admits, because nobody was keeping statistics 50 years ago on these things. Its very much a new field of study.

Dr. Sax blames various other modern societal woes that are hurting young women, but he also admits its still better than the "good old days".

“There are no good old days for girls,” he acknowledges. “It is a sad fact of western civilization that every era has been sexist. They have valued the achievements of boys and men above the achievements of girls and women.”

So there is hope for the future. These "stuck up little bitches" are nothing new to society, only the technology is new. In the 1980s or earlier they would have been tying up the phone line gossiping or talking to boys, now they've moved the gossip to cellphone texting and Facebook. Parents would be well advised to stop coddling and spoiling their children and focus more on getting their kids to become high achievers.

Because if they earn it then they will deserve it.

Victoria Secret at Work

FASHION - Victoria Secret is coming to Canada and Canadian men are no doubt happy about the good news... The lingerie company is set to open 4 Victoria Secret "pink superstores" during the Summer 2010 and 5 more stores by Christmas shopping season, resulting in 600 new full time jobs for Canadians.

Meanwhile sister company La Senza is moving 50 creative and merchandising jobs to Ohio + all their management positions will be moved to Ohio too. La Senza has 300 stores in Canada and is owned by the same company which owns Victoria Secret, so this is more of a market shift to support Canada's changing demographics.

La Senza markets to a younger (more teenager) crowd whereas Victoria Secret markets to women in the 25 to 35 age bracket. More full grown and busty essentially.

The thing about Victoria Secret is that its really more of softcore catalogue that its famous for. The kind of thing the Sears catalogue used to be ogled for. Prior to 2010 Canadian women had to order Victoria's Secret via the catalogue, phone or internet. Now they have the chance to actually visit the stores.

Which will no doubt be making quite a few married men and boyfriends happy.

As a guy I've always been willing to go with my girlfriend while she shops for lingerie. And I do it with a big SMILE on my face. :D

Some men however are dreadfully embarrassed to be seen in a lingerie store. Lingeriephobia or lineusphobia you might call it (lineus is the Latin word for linen). We can all take guesses as to the reasons why.

Its a bit like poor Raj from the popular TV show Big Bang Theory. He can't even TALK to women unless he's had alcohol. See video clip. In his case its gynophobia / selective mutism.

The point I am trying to get at is that its a strange paradox where men ogle the Victoria's Secret Catalogue in private, but are embarrassed to actually go in a lingerie store with the girlfriend/wife and browse.

I think it boils down to a lack of sexual confidence / fear of being seen as inadequate, even if its complete strangers looking at you.

Male Fashion Designers at Work

FASHION - Why would a man go into the business of making women's clothing...? I'll give you a hint... men (generally speaking) like being around young female supermodels.

But this dubious reason doesn't stop there.

Lets take Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard for example. He's now 67 years old and has wild playboy sex parties with his entourage of young women who follow him around.

Some as young as 16. Maybe younger.

Peter Nygard has also been the object of numerous lawsuits and alleged sexual abuse. No rape charges yet, his team of lawyers have always managed to silence the women who come forward alleging anything.

And those who can't be bought off are discredited, their lives ruins while Peter Nygard goes scot-free.

But isn't that the way of things? Especially with rich playboys?

Hot shot lawyers, he-said vs she-said and circumstantial evidence. But its one of those situations where when lots of people come forward with allegations and most of them get paid off because its true... you know it must be a fact.

Take Michael Jackson for example. Or the various Catholic priests who have been caught molesting choir boys. There's no doubt they abused children, but it is absolutely unbelievable how they continue to get away with it.

So when you see a man entering a field like "women's fashion"... what you have to do is step back and analyze the situation a bit. Why is this man doing this? Unless he secretly is a transvestite and wants to wear women's clothes, he's probably just a sexist pig looking to bed a whole bunch of young women.

67-year-old Peter Nygard sleeping with 16-year-old girls who want to be supermodels...? This is the kind of fellow who gives men in general a bad name.

Weapons at School and Work

CANADA - In a recent incident a Brampton lawyer was stabbed outside a Sikh temple with a Kirpan ceremonial dagger. Sikh men wear Kirpan daggers to protect themselves from evil, it is a sacred weapon according to their religion and not meant to actually be used.

The Kirpan dagger has been getting more controversy in recent years, ever since a 12-year old boy in a Montreal school accidentally dropped his Kirpan and the school tried to take it away from him.

I bring this up because since the age of 11 or so I've been carrying a Swiss Army Knife with me at all times, attached to my keys. I've had several over the years and I need a replacement because my current one is getting dull and there is a ding on the blade. I carried it through high school, university, to various work places including government jobs... the only time I ever removed it from my pocket is when it and my keys went into my luggage for traveling on airplanes.

Now during that time period I've been in no less than 5 fights, 2 during primary school, 2 in high school, and 1 when a guy attacked me on the Toronto subway.

Not once in all five incidents did I take out my Swiss Army Knife. Honestly, I don't think it would be that good as a weapon. Given the option I prefer to use my fists. I have two of them and it just seems more practical.

For me the Swiss Army Knife is a tool. I've never needed to resort to using it as a weapon.

Teenagers are prone to fighting. They have to deal with bullies and there is a lot of anxiety about protecting themselves. Statistically however they rarely use weapons when fights are usually resolved with fists. (Only once in those five incidents was I ever attacked with a weapon, a broomstick from carpentry class.)

Chalk it up partly to Canada's obsession with hockey fighting, but Canadians just seem to prefer fisticuffs. Even when they have a hockey stick in hand, they throw it down, take off the gloves and go for the more basic weapon people have been using since before cavemen.

There are incidents of fights with weapons... everything from a hair pin to a bowling ball, and frankly I am curious as to whether such improvised weapons outnumber attacks with knives. It would stand to reason that when pressed people are more likely to pick up a rock, a stick or even a guitar case to fight with then they would to reach into their pocket and pull out a puny 2 - 8 inch knife (the same length as a Kirpan).

So while there may be incidents where people have tried using a Kirpan as a weapon, the recent attack on the Sikh lawyer (who easily survived) shows that its not a very effective weapon. The man who attacked him was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, showing he didn't even manage to run away or keep his identity hidden. (Its ever amazing how stupid criminals are.)

The Sikh lawyer attacked in the incident also wears a kirpan. He says this abuse of the dagger should not be used against the religion. “These people have used religious emotions and symbols to attack others. It does not mean all Sikhs are violent.”

He's right. People are more or less violent in general and they don't need a dagger to do it.

History has shown knife attacks are usually very brutal because a single stab wound doesn't kill someone. You have to be stabbed quite often or in vital locations for the wounds to become fatal. Michael Hill of Florida was stabbed in the brain with an 8 inch survival knife by an unknown assailant and still survived. (He currently holds the Guinness Record for the largest object removed from someone's brain and surviving.) In other incidents people have been stabbed over a hundred times and still lived.

Julius Caesar for example was stabbed 23 times, but only one of them actually hit a vital area in his chest according to a physician who later examined the body. An estimated 60 people mobbed him and were involved in the stabbing, including the infamous Brutus.

So whether its a ceremonial dagger or a tool people need to be aware knives don't hurt people, people hurt people. The knife isn't even an effective weapon. Its obsolete compared to the gun, which makes it super easy to kill someone.

A police night stick however... those things are just plain nasty!

If someone shows up at your door wielding a night stick, prepare to get your ass whupped.

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Bicycle Orgasms at Work

SEX - Is bicycle orgasms an urban myth or not?

Some women can have orgasms doing the most mundane of tasks... some can even get off just by thinking about sex or exercising the appropriate muscles. Thus it stands to reason that theoretically a woman could have an orgasm while cycling.

But does it actually happen? Somehow I doubt it. Or if it does its extremely rare.

Let me take one proven urban myth as an example... Fan Death.

Fan Death is a superstition in South Korea wherein if you have a fan running in your room while you sleep at night and there is no window or door open, you will die from either asphixation or hypothermia.

This urban myth / superstition is so widely believed of in South Korea that all fans must be sold with a timer which automatically shuts it off and the South Korean government actively warns its citizens about the dangers of fan death. (All fans sold in Korea must be sold with a sticker on it warning them of the dangers of Fan Death.)

Koreans are so obsessed with fan death they've even come with a number of theories to explain the myth. ie. The fan creates a vortex which causes all the oxygen in the air to be sucked in together, depriving the person of needed oxygen. Other theories suggest the fan uses up all the oxygen or that it "chops up the oxygen".

Whenever South Korean police find a dead person in their bed and they can't determine the cause of death... they look to the fan. The fan is to blame. Thus the South Korean government has statistics showing the number of so-called "fan deaths" that have occurred because they never bother to do an autopsy and determine the real cause of death. (ie. the wife poisoned their tea)

Sounds ridiculous right? Foreigners to the country are rather mystified/amused by the fan death superstition because frankly its so mindbogglingly stupid its amazing anyone would be dumb enough to believe in it.

And yet many Koreans do believe in fan death, mostly because they've been raised with it and shown lots of statistics of dead people in their beds showing it does exist.

Its a bit like people being raised and told that their god exists. As long as nobody bothers to shatter that nice little illusion they will keep on believing in the idea because all the evidence they've been shown suggests its real. They're not about to question the validity of something when everything they've been shown or told suggests their god is real.

Thus, back to bicycle orgasms, as men we've been shown a lot about women anatomy, orgasms and what not... there's a lot of prevailing sexual mythology out there which may or may not be correct or completely false. We really don't have a clue. We are raised and told that women can be stimulated by almost anything between their legs so from our perspective it must be correct.

We can even come up with statistics for women who apparently can have orgasms while jogging, sitting on the subway or sitting on the clothes dryer... we have no idea if its even true, it could just be women bragging and pretending that they can to see if anyone will believe it, thus creating their own little myth.

(Its no wonder a lot of men think the G-spot is an urban myth... there's so much mythology surrounding it.)

So can a woman have an orgasm on a bicycle? Maybe. But can you prove it?

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