Trigger Happy Hunters

Are men trigger happy hunters that just like to blow their wad all the time?

Lets take shopping for example.

Men, typically, like to go straight for what they're looking for, find what they are looking for, and then immediately buy it. Sometimes without even looking at the price. I know this is true for myself because I almost never check the price when I buy food in the grocery store and I basically go down my mental list of things I need: Eggs, milk, bread, meat, etc. Occasionally I have the mental awareness to buy potatoes, rice, peppers or onions. We find what we want, and we blow our paycheque on it.

Women, in contrast, have a tendency to gather. They're taught from a young age to be frugal, look for sales and gather together what they need and want. Its long been assumed that it was a woman who invented agriculture, and thus ancient fertility/agricultural gods are usually female. There are female hunters in mythology, like Atalanta and Artemis, but they are scant and few in number.

In the modern context men don't usually hunt any more...

Instead we make war, and occasionally we shoot things by accident.

Take last night in South Carolina for example. Halloween night and a 12-year-old trick-or-treater T.J. Darrisaw knocked on the door of ex-convict/drug dealer Quentin Patrick. Patrick in response, thinking he was being robbed, took out his trusty AK-47 and shot a whole clip of 30 bullets through the door, the wall and the windows. Basically blowing his wad on his own home. Darrisaw was fatally shot in the head, and his 9-year-old brother and his father were also shot.

Quentin Patrick has been charged with murder, three counts of assault and battery with intent to kill, and one count of assault with intent to kill. He claims he's been paranoid ever since he was shot and robbed last year by rival drug dealers.

NOTE TO SELF: Paranoid stupid people should never own guns, let alone AK-47s.

Call it the male philosophy to doing anything: Whatever you do, blow your wad on it. I'm not saying its a good philosophy, its just the way men seem to think. It certainly explains why most men don't last longer than 5 minutes in bed.

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