The Rude Granddaughter from Grand Torino

If you've never seen the film Grand Torino starring Clint Eastwood, I suggest you do so. The film is great for a variety of different reasons.

One of the reasons is the portrayal of the rude/greedy granddaughter in several scenes, which you can watch in the two video clips below.



What is also fascinating is the comments on the two videos, which for convenience sake I have copy pasted some of comments below... For the full list of comments see the YouTube pages in question to see what you are missing.

If you are offended by any of the comments people made, go ahead and leave your comments on YouTube. Don't leave them here.

List of Comments for 1st Clip

he didn't need a whinny granddaughter to help him out lol!
+maning04 Certainly not. She's too spoiled for her own good.
When I was a kid if I were that rude to my grandfather he would have hit me across my face.
When Karen said that Walt is driving her crazy, she has that backwards. The poor man just lost his wife and she has the nerve to say that her father-in-law is driving her crazy? It's Karen, Mitch and Ashley who are driving him crazy.
To me with this, family is more than just DNA. It depends on how the relationship is especially with communication and how close you are.
Ha "no you probably just painted your nails"
If my daughter acted like that to my father she'd get a slap across the face from him, and then one from me.
And she wondered why she didn't get the Gran Torino at the end...
I work with teenagers and sadly some of them do act like this, an entire generation of children who have never been told no, had to deal with losing at competition, or heard the word no. Yes the movie is a bit exaggerated but it's not too far off. Thanks for commenting. :)
My grandad died 4 years ago. There are some many persons that dont appreciatte their grandparents. I miss you granpa!
@TheCD700 how is the top ear piercing for whores? i thought the belly button pierce an the tramp stamp was for whores
I actually found out the actress who played her was 22 at the time of its release! Meaning she's legal! She sure doesn't look it though
I hate such sluts
if you're from a well bred Canadian family it's easy to underestimate the rotten state of modern society
Bitch wants a bitchslap!
I find that actress hot and I'm 27. not an old creep. haha
I always believed that relationship made by heart is more important, than those made by blood.
ew she looks like a pasty turnip
"Your father is driving me crazy." He's not even doing anything you fucking cunt.
Typical kids nowadays
@indyfan22k Only if you do it excessively. Besides, I didn't literally mean I'd use a belt.
@2wingo thats what they make 2x4 for
hey man, we need those sluts to suck our dicks and make us sandwiches...
"no, you probably just painted your nails" hahaha! XD best line ever
@acenspades Well, personality says she's a bitch and, therefore, not hot. It cancels out whatever looks she has. Fuck her into submission - yes. Make love - No.
She is so rude!
There's being a teenager and being a disrespectful dipshit. No amount of overlap takes away the distinction.
@MarkAnthony27 Don't know. Some people dress like they are going to the club when they are actually going to the church. So this lady here lacks dignity and respect for her dead grandmother and dresses like she's going to the club instead of a funeral. There are so many people like that these days. Morality is going down.
If my daughter ever acted like that, she'd go one on one with the belt.
Would you people chill out, I've seen teens dress and act way worse than her. And 50's guy, stop living in the past, women can dress how they want. I thought she was a great actress who protrayed a real life teenager. Did any of you see how her mother was, nobody ever stop to think that kids pick things up from their parents, no you didn't cuz you blame the kid. Now at a funeral, yeah she would've dressed nicer, but like I said, that's a teenager.
@AzraelCaptain. Relax, it's just a movie.
is it me or is the grand daughter hot?
ah the 50s a time when women looked very elegant and men looked very smart and handsome in their neat clothes.
Not very good parenting going on here
I have a 5 year old and one on the way. Either of them act like that and they're going to know about it!
Him spitting on the ground basically means fuck you
Entitled little bitch. Oh wait, I just described a generation...
Bitch, I'm being buried in that car!!
I would fuck that granddaughter in that car.
+Gehrman The First Hunter or he doesn't paint any idiotic flames like some white trash hillbilly. hahaha
Spoiled children of America. Now they need medication and therapy to what was standard in general raising of families. Instead of spine they now grow pussy.
I hate kids, even though in 15. I hate most kids
+long live the beard Initially I hate all kids. Sometimes they pass. But, mostly they don't
No furniture for your dorm, eh? Then get a job, build your character and stop whining for everything you ungrateful, sorry excuse for a granddaughter!
...and she's totally clueless as to why he spat on the ground and walked out.  So many gold-digging bitches out there it's hard to know who the nice girls are...or if there are any nice girls out there at all!  
Me, me!!!! I'm a nice girl who cares more about personality and character than wealth! lol jk kthxbai
+Lazyboy5298 Nice girl who's name is LazyBoy. I think you got a surprise or two. XD (JK)
i cant wait to be a parent...  ever notice how sometimes children are brought up in a way that doesnt upset people?  i wanna be that dad...  before i die...  i wanna bring good people into this world.  *this girl here... just cut her off and let her whine.....
hah! good thing the bitch didn't get the car!
What a horrible person lol
It's funny that Dreama Walker usually plays bitches, when she looks so sweet with her little turned up nose and big bambi eyes.
No way, is this what American kids in the 80's were like?
+HowYaDoingMon it's not the 80's it was 2008
She looks like Cherry Poppins the pornstar
I blame the parents for raising her to be such a spoiled bitch. I'm telling you... if you let your kid have everything they want.... they start to think they can get anything they want... and materialistic things become more important than family or friends.
That's just a sad thing to here... your grandkid basically saying they WANT you to die so they can have your shit......
Ok, what have I learned in this scene? I've learned that if you come across a girl who is insecure and a bitch, give her a dirty, serious, stern look and spit on the floor right in front of her. Thank you Clint Eastwood!!
Shes not insecure. I think the words you are looking for are selfish and rude.
I'd like to anal bone that snotty granddaughter cunt without lube...
You flatter yourself darling.  And I'm totally on the money. I pegged you.
+moonlily1 Pegged? You wish you could peg me moony.Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm straight.
NRFun, I agree that scene at the end was pure brilliance. I mean the movie was just great but that last scene with the ungrateful bitch teenager was just amazing.
Ya really what a bitch
Stupid bitch. Clint Eastwood can't die. He just comes back to tear your fucking face off.
go fight a bunch of gooks and then you'll earn your retro couch you cunt.
@dinan545bmw Ohhh absolutely...
That's 2-3 hard workers raised by a decent parent vs thousands upon thousands of parasites with their hand out, raised by idiots.
I'm glad he spit in front of her like that. In addition, I'd rather be gay than have any relation WHATSOVER with that little self-centered bitch!
Bitch Please your profile says your 29,make a video to prove me wrong
Fuckin bitch! Why don't you go back home and start sucking dicks for nickels so you can pay for your own damn furniture
when she asked,"what are you going to do with it when you die", i thought,"im gonna rearange the parts to make a drill that takes your ass to hell where it belongs!"
@2wingo I see what you mean she would put poison in it. Then how about in a mine? Not much she can do there except make it collapse on her.
I am seeing Clint by watching this video....proved you wrong
Agreed. You can't save them all but at least I won't have to worry about my kids and hopefully later family generations from becoming those kinds of people.
Apologize to nothing! I stand my ground,you are PHONY..PHOOOONNNNYYYY PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So you have no furniture for your dorm? Whine to your parents, that's their problem.
@TheSighGuy Would you want that slut handling your dinner? I sure as Hell wouldn't.
I'm glad they didn't give that granddaughter much screen time... seeing her dressed like that at a funeral, pretty much wanting her own grandfather to die just for the car, and even worse... especially at a family gathering, and still mourning the soul of her grandmother, saying that she can't get a signal on her cell.. like what a bitch!
If that was my grand daughter id physically shove the little twat out of my shed.... thats my sacred patch of land bitch.. I aint leaving you in there!
well oviously the parents cant raise kids for shit. seriously theres so many people out there who raise kids with no respect for themselves or fucking does my head in! fucking happy the bitch gets nothing in the end
Thank god toad got the Gran Torino.
WHY IS THAT NOT A TOP COMMENT? I laughed my ass off
horrible character. Good acting by her.
I thought Dreama Walker did a great job of portraying the majority of teenage girls that are out there today. Good acting, girl!
She doesn't know jack about cars, stupid white slut
More like disrespectful and tackles. Would expect more smarts and cunningness from a Red Head.
then shut the fuck up you annoying dick
iI had no hat,FAKER,if you are Mr/'s easy to make a damn vid and prove me wrong,mulefucker,if you make a vid,I will take back what i've said mulefucker
Bitch get the fuck bsck in the kitchen. No sexism intended because she deserved that one.
Fuck this,i'm right you're wrong,good bye fakeass mulefucker
She did great in the movie Compliance
You don't EVER ask a loved one what they're going to do with their stuff when they die, it's a basic rule. Worst part is I've seen bimbo's and dickheads who are like this in real life, sad.
i would of been like bitch get on your knees and suck then you can have the couch
If I have a daughter who acts like this bitch to my father....ohhhh man....
Actually shit face,I do,It was funny at first,now you're just pissing me off.
your a stupid whore im glade you have no furniture sit on the damn floor
man that grand daughter is annoying.
Lol, I gotta go watch Blade 3 now.
i'm glad she didn't get the torino
If I have a granddaughter who acts like this bitch.... ohhhhhh man....
I was so FUCKING HAPPY when I found out that Thao inherited the car instead of this cock juggling thunder cunt of a granddaughter.
good actress, she managed to convince everyone to hate her so much despite having very little screen time
this scene is censored because i think originally he pulls out a magnum and pops her face.
@cyrus138 You sir, win the Internets.
Who the hell asks a question like that?
Same spit as in "The Outlaw Josey Wales".... I think the same meaning too!
Have some people forgotten this is just a movie
I was so happy at the ending when Thao gets the grand torino, instead of her XD. I was soooo happy!
Does anyone realize this is the girl from Don't trust the B in apt 23.
I would have sex with her. Lots.
i slap the shit out of her!
That is one stuck up bitch! She does need some cock though!
@genungapearl Yeah but she's HOT so she will probably still get what she wants one way or another.
I AM laughin'. I will NOT apologize until you give me proof
No,that is the man you''re impersonating,YOU need a life
@TheSighGuy I meant that she's probably got so many STDs you catch something by being in the same room as her.
translated from bitch tongues to english, grandpa when are you gonna die because i really want your car and couch. I am getting impatient
@SuperClintEastwood and @ 84Bronco351.... you two are just stupid to actually fight on the internet....I say both of u to just leave and not spam this video ya pussies
This is exactly what some of this modern generation doesn't realize. How some grandparents lived through the depression and WWII and all of a sudden, you have this generation with their illiteracy and a selfish, stuck up attitude. I am going to raise my kids just as my grandfather raised my dad and he raised me. Hopefully, that will add 2-3 extra well-mannered, hardworking adults to society.
@jesimth Completely agree with you buddy!
0:37 Bitch you cant have my couch.


Now what I find interesting is the visceral hatred for the greedy/rude granddaughter, who is a fictional character. Not a real person. And yet she elicits such hatred you would think that she is a real person.

And such violence too.

I mean okay, yes, she is greedy and rude, but that is no reason for people to post comments like "I'd rape her". Wow. That is just sick.

It makes you realize that many of the people leaving those comments are really no better than some of the horrible characters in the film - violent psychopaths.

And if you managed to make that conclusion, what you also realize is that many of the people commenting don't deserve a "gran torino" either. Granddaughters from Gran Torino are apparently not the only ones who are rude and greedy and unworthy.

The Gran Torino is not a prize. It is a metaphor for someone who is pure of heart.

It is a bit like picking up Thor's hammer Mjolnir... "You are all not worthy," says Thor.

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