Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada

The image above shows just a tiny fraction of Canada's murdered and missing indigenous women. There are over 1000 unsolved cases of murdered and missing indigenous women and the Canadian government has done nothing to address the problem.

According to Prime Minister Stephen Harper these murdered women are not high on his list of priorities. Apparently his biggest priority right now is racial profiling of Muslim women who like to wear niqabs - which is basically the dumbest election issue I have ever heard of. It would be like persecuting Jews for wearing a Yamaka or a Kippah, and shows that the Conservative Party of Canada is basically just a bunch of racists.

Want to know how racist the Conservatives are? Let me show you an example below...

Wow. Two communities ask for medicine and vaccines and the Conservative government decides to send body bags instead. Read about it below in two articles from 2009:

Clearly this is a civil rights issue when your own government ignores pleas for help.

And ignores the hundreds of unsolved cases of murdered women.

And while we are at it, lets talk about drinking water on Native reserves in Canada... There are locations in Canada which have been boiling their drinking water for 10 years or more before the Conservative government refuses to fix the problem.

And it is not a matter of money. They money is already there. They are simply refusing to fix the problem because they keep using clean drinking water as a bargaining chip when dealing with aboriginal communities.

An effing bargaining chip.

People are dying from water-borne diseases, dying from flu epidemics, getting killed by what apparently must be racist serial killers, and the government is using clean drinking water as an effing bargaining chip.


If I was a Native man or woman, I would be tempted to poison Stephen Harper's drinking water. See how he likes it. But we don't and you know why? Because we Canadians are so polite they would never do it. The concept of a "Canadian assassin" is basically an oxymoron. They do not exist. They are as rare as purple unicorns.

Canadians rather politely refuse to assassinate our leaders. It is the reason why no Canadian PM has ever been assassinated. Ever.

Don't believe me? Look at the wiki page which shows the list of Canadian prime ministers and how they died.

Stroke, heart attack, natural causes, cancer, all pretty normal stuff. Pneumonia and Parkinson's were the most unusual two things on the list.

Americans however apparently cannot go 10 years without assassinating a president or at least an attempted assassination. President Obama has had 5 separate assassination attempts on his life.

Stephen Harper is so worried about Muslim terrorists that he is spouting nonsense about tiplines for "barbaric cultural practices". But what he really should be worried about is Canadians saying "enough is enough" and poisoning his food.

Fun Fact - Shark attacks kill more Canadians than terrorists attacks and there are no sharks in Canada.

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