Victoria Secret at Work

FASHION - Victoria Secret is coming to Canada and Canadian men are no doubt happy about the good news... The lingerie company is set to open 4 Victoria Secret "pink superstores" during the Summer 2010 and 5 more stores by Christmas shopping season, resulting in 600 new full time jobs for Canadians.

Meanwhile sister company La Senza is moving 50 creative and merchandising jobs to Ohio + all their management positions will be moved to Ohio too. La Senza has 300 stores in Canada and is owned by the same company which owns Victoria Secret, so this is more of a market shift to support Canada's changing demographics.

La Senza markets to a younger (more teenager) crowd whereas Victoria Secret markets to women in the 25 to 35 age bracket. More full grown and busty essentially.

The thing about Victoria Secret is that its really more of softcore catalogue that its famous for. The kind of thing the Sears catalogue used to be ogled for. Prior to 2010 Canadian women had to order Victoria's Secret via the catalogue, phone or internet. Now they have the chance to actually visit the stores.

Which will no doubt be making quite a few married men and boyfriends happy.

As a guy I've always been willing to go with my girlfriend while she shops for lingerie. And I do it with a big SMILE on my face. :D

Some men however are dreadfully embarrassed to be seen in a lingerie store. Lingeriephobia or lineusphobia you might call it (lineus is the Latin word for linen). We can all take guesses as to the reasons why.

Its a bit like poor Raj from the popular TV show Big Bang Theory. He can't even TALK to women unless he's had alcohol. See video clip. In his case its gynophobia / selective mutism.

The point I am trying to get at is that its a strange paradox where men ogle the Victoria's Secret Catalogue in private, but are embarrassed to actually go in a lingerie store with the girlfriend/wife and browse.

I think it boils down to a lack of sexual confidence / fear of being seen as inadequate, even if its complete strangers looking at you.

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