Male Fashion Designers at Work

FASHION - Why would a man go into the business of making women's clothing...? I'll give you a hint... men (generally speaking) like being around young female supermodels.

But this dubious reason doesn't stop there.

Lets take Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard for example. He's now 67 years old and has wild playboy sex parties with his entourage of young women who follow him around.

Some as young as 16. Maybe younger.

Peter Nygard has also been the object of numerous lawsuits and alleged sexual abuse. No rape charges yet, his team of lawyers have always managed to silence the women who come forward alleging anything.

And those who can't be bought off are discredited, their lives ruins while Peter Nygard goes scot-free.

But isn't that the way of things? Especially with rich playboys?

Hot shot lawyers, he-said vs she-said and circumstantial evidence. But its one of those situations where when lots of people come forward with allegations and most of them get paid off because its true... you know it must be a fact.

Take Michael Jackson for example. Or the various Catholic priests who have been caught molesting choir boys. There's no doubt they abused children, but it is absolutely unbelievable how they continue to get away with it.

So when you see a man entering a field like "women's fashion"... what you have to do is step back and analyze the situation a bit. Why is this man doing this? Unless he secretly is a transvestite and wants to wear women's clothes, he's probably just a sexist pig looking to bed a whole bunch of young women.

67-year-old Peter Nygard sleeping with 16-year-old girls who want to be supermodels...? This is the kind of fellow who gives men in general a bad name.


Unknown said...

A most despicable man, full of hubris, and way too much money and testosterone. A "man", as we that live in the real world, know as a chickenhawk. Real women look for relationships with women, males like this piece of dung look for sex with children.

Unknown said...

ooops "Real men look for relationships with women...."

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