Trying to Understand Women and Makeup

FASHION - You know how women fuss and fuss about their makeup?

And most of the time us guys don't even notice because we're too busy ogling their other assets?

Ask almost any guy and they'll say they prefer women "all natural", without the makeup because frankly we're more interested in the cut of dress, how much neck, cleavage and skin is showing.

And to further make this point here's a video on how to make your breasts look bigger by using... of all things... makeup:

And therein lies the true key to using makeup to get a guy's attention.

The trick after first attracting his attention however is to maintain it with stimulating conversation, things you're both interested in such as politics, entertainment, maybe religion or atheism, cars or even technology in general.

For us guys we will never fully understand a woman's obsession with makeup. I can guess it has something to do with the fact women have realized their bodies are superficial and that men are attracted to superficial things about the female body (namely ass, legs and breasts), but for some strange reason women spend an inordinate amount of time trying to enhance their facial appearance when in reality guys really don't notice if you're wearing mascara or not (unless you've obviously wearing too much of it).

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