Breast Implants at Work

SEX/HEALTH - When it comes to breast implants we have to stop and ponder why women get them. Reasons women provide are things like:

1. To give their confidence a boost.

2. To look younger and perkier.

3. To have a larger, fuller, rounder breast (some women are "cursed" with lumpy, deformed or tuberous breasts which are considered by many to be unattractive).

4. To increase their chances of attracting a man.

5. To boost their career (frankly I think that's a false assumption unless you work in the porn industry or adult entertainment).

Indeed many of the reasons will likely go hand-in-hand with the same reasons people provide when getting liposuction or their stomach stapled.

The breast implant industry these days puts more emphasis on the words "breast augmentation", meaning they're not always doing implants but simply they're just augmenting them to look better. Depending on the type of breasts and its problems implants will likely be part of the "solution". Its also better Public Relations because breast implants have developed a bad reputation over the years.

Feminists have often been opposed to breast implants and the idea of women bowing down to a patriarchal sense of beauty. Here's a number of articles on that topic:

The Beauty Myth

Beauty and the Breast

The History of the Bra and Breasts

So thats the female perspective in a nutshell. Don't get breast implants because you're beautiful and you shouldn't need them because you're beautiful anyway.

But from a male perspective I have TWO schools of thought on this situation.

ONE: I agree with the feminists. I don't think women should get breast implants just to satisfy outrageous male standards of beauty. The back pains alone from will cause you to want to get them removed in your later years anyway.

TWO: There will be exceptions and they are as follows: People who have had breast cancer and want to look normal again; People who are seriously depressed about their looks and want to do something about it (no amount of exercise will change the shape of your breasts); Males who have had sex changes (I've noticed the males tend to go for the DD size and take breast implants to the extreme in an effort to over compensate).

Thus women who look normal, and have good looking/normal/fine breasts already shouldn't be rushing out just to make them BIGGER. That to me is morally wrong.

I also have to wonder if we place too much emphasis on breasts period. Some guys are more into ass or legs and don't give a damn about breast size or shape. There are those of us like Russ Meyer who are obsessed with breast size, but Russ Meyer is the exception rather than the norm.

"Its not the size of the breast that matters to men, its how a woman uses them."


Ross said...

women show cleavage at the office because they want to sexually turn on a man and want him to take a glance at them -this makes the woman feel sexy and beautiful but they expect him to then SWITCH off his arousal as quickly as it switched on and focus purely on his work- you realize that the arousal can last a long time after he sees a sexy woman especially if it is a very powerful urge - well how come other women don抰 realize that?
Im sitting opposite a woman at work with big boobs which stick out prominently when she stretches herself and its hard not to notice them then -they are straight in my face- but I try to suppress my sexual desires at work- I generally avoid looking at a colleagues boobs- I think its rude anyway. If men learnt to suppress their sexual urges at work it wouldn抰 be such a problem-isn抰 that right?

Lucy Cale said...

It's true that big breasts at work tend to have a different effect on the male population. But whether they like it or not, women with breast augmentation are more attractive for men than ordinary women. But what woman wouldn't want the attention of every man on a square mile radius?

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