Common Lies at Work

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS - Ever been told a lie so often that you know its a lie?


"My grandmother died."

"My dog ate my homework."

"My best friend broke up with her boyfriend so I have to console her."

When you (or someone else) uses one of the above lies so they can get out of something (ie. their homework) what they do is dilute the statement. After all, your grandmothers can only die twice... if you keep using that lie eventually people are going to catch you. Especially these days when people can check Facebook and find out pretty quickly if you were lying.

"Um, but you told me your grandmothers were both dead already..."

The "best friend who broke up with her boyfriend" lie is actually one that has been promoted by women's magazines (Cosmo, Teen, etc) as an excuse for women to get out of a date they've decided to cancel.

That particular lie has been promoted so much now that a lot of women are using it... and a lot of men are realizing they've just been lied to when they've heard it for the fourth or fifth time.

Other common lies:

"I have to wash my hair." or "I have to wash my car." (Possibly the lamest excuses ever.)

"I am really busy and don't have time to date right now." (So whats wrong with a raincheck?)

"I am seeing someone right now."

"I've decided to go back with my ex."

Etc. Pick up a women's magazine with headings like "Top Ten Ways to Cancel a Date" and you will find a whole list of lies that they're telling women to use. (Apparently they think men can't take the truth and that its better to just to lie to men.)

People who were actually sincere about wanting to see you again would be asking for a raincheck. So if you're the person cancelling but actually wanting to see them again, ask for a raincheck because it will show you are sincere.

If you're not then TELL THEM THE TRUTH. "I am just not that into you." or "I don't think you're my type." or "I didn't feel any physical/mental connection."

WE CAN TAKE THE TRUTH. Its far more upsetting to know we're being lied to.

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