Hey Baby and Rohan at Work

ENTERTAINMENT - "Hey Baby" is a violent video game in which women gamers play a woman walking home from work and is being hit on by men all the time... but in response to unsolicited catcalls and come-on-lines she runs around with machine gun killing people.

The problem with the game Hey Baby is that while it is commentary on the social situation many women face (and probably cathartic for some women who play it), I don't think the violence in the game and the killing of men actually interests most women.

True, the game is essentially a play on the violence in video games like Grand Theft Auto (wherein killing men, women and children is relatively common, as is looting their bodies afterwards) and contextually its an attempt by its video game designer to create a feminist statement... but its a rather poorly conceived statement and comes off as being "male-hating" and not very feminist.

To some extent the game is geared to attract media attention and controversy, but the game controls and response time is jerky at best. Its definitely a work in progress. (I admit trying to make a video game that appeals to feminists is a difficult task. This attempt is a bit crude and amateurish.)

In contrast "Rohan" is an entirely different game going in an opposite direction... its a bikini clad MMORPG where pretty young women go around killing monsters wearing only slightly more than Paris Hilton wears on a good day.

The similarity however is that both games have hot women killing things, but the difference is that men are more likely to be playing Rohan because apparently they'd rather watch computer-generated women than go out and meet the real thing.

Which might be good for real women, because it means less catcalls and pick-up-lines, but in reality I'd say its just another example of mass media distorting stereotypes of what women are vs. what men want them to be (which in this case appears to be scantily clad Playboy Bunnies).

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