Freedom of Speech & Facebook at Work

POLITICS - About a month ago the Fifth Estate (on the CBC) aired a documentary about Peter Nygard which showed the truth about his fashion empire, his history of bullying employees, and how his lawyers continue to bully them even after they no longer for him.

What the documentary missed was a NLC report which came out a week later which showed Nygard was also involved in human trafficking and slavery in the country of Jordan. In other words his reputation was quickly going from bad to worse.

Inspired by the documentary my friend started a Facebook group named "Boycotting Peter Nygard" and I was later enlisted to help promote it. With very little effort the group grew to over 200 people, including a number of ex-employees of Peter Nygard.

Today the Boycotting Peter Nygard Facebook group was removed from Facebook. According to Facebook it was because Peter Nygard's lawyers had made a complaint that the group was infringing on "intellectual property rights".

So... What about our freedom of speech? What about democracy? Why is Peter Nygard's reputation more important than the freedom of speech of 200+ people?

Peter Nygard has a huge list of allegations against him. Multiple rape allegations, which have all been dropped after his lawyers intimidated the women involved. Using sweatshop / slave labour in a pants factory in Jordan. Physically, emotionally and sexually abusing his workers in Canada, the USA and the Bahamas. Violating laws concerning the ethical treatment of workers. Human trafficking of workers. These things are well-documented by the CBC and the NLC. He's a complete and utter scumbag.

Now we can add stifling freedom of speech to the list... because apparently for billionaires like Peter Nygard its super easy to just delete websites that are boycotting you. You just throw money and lawyers at the problem.

I certainly don't recall selling my freedom of speech to the devil. It can be quite discouraging to realize that our efforts were momentarily in vain...

Except people are like cockroaches. Once we know the truth we just come back stronger and more determined than ever to voice our freedom of speech. You can delete our words on Facebook, but you can't delete our keyboards.

We will just write more and spread the word. Scumbags like Peter Nygard must be opposed by people with honesty and integrity.

Join the New Boycotting Peter Nygard's Brands Facebook Group.

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