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RELIGION - So Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (aka "Joey Ratz", aka Pope Benedict XVI) is involved in multiple child sex scandals... you see Ratzinger was basically judge and jury of the canonical trials from 1981 to 2005 before he became the Pope. And apparently while he was prelate in that position he ignored many cases of child sex abuse by priests and ordered investigations against those priests ended.

See Pope ignored molestation of children for details.

So for 25 years "Joey Ratz" was in charge of defrocking priests involved in sex scandals. How many priests did he defrock? The Catholic Church refuses to say, but I can hazard a guess... none.

You see here's what usually happens... when a sex scandal happens the Catholic Church's first priority is to cover it up. If that fails to work the priest is eventually asked to resign, which they do so. The "defrocking" of priests is extremely rare and I have a guess as to the reason...

Its called blackmail.

Sex scandals within the Catholic Church are so commonplace its a tad ridiculous. There has literally been hundreds of Catholic priests caught molesting children in the USA during the last decade. HUNDREDS, just in the United States.

And because its so commonplace its pretty much guaranteed that all the priests know what their comrade priests are up to. Backscratching, trading child porn, helping each other with cover ups, threatening children, swearing them to secrecy.

Thus when one priest gets caught all the other priests become mum on the issue, help to cover up the issue because if they don't they're afraid the priest who got caught will rat them out. The priesthood is more than just a brotherhood of Catholicism, its a brotherhood of blackmail, lies and perversion.

And at the top of the cover ups, in charge of them in fact, was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a man who has been in charge of investigating priests alleged of sex scandals for a period of 25 years.

That means that every cardinal involved in some kind of sex abuse during the 1981 to 2005 period was beholden to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger... he knew ALL their dirty secrets. Thus when the 115 Cardinals met in 2005 to vote on a new Pope it wouldn't be a stretch to say quite a few of them could have been blackmailed by Cardinal Ratzinger into voting for him.

If you could call it much of a vote. The Financial Times in 2005 gave odds that Ratzinger was the favourite to win by a margin of 7-to-1.

Here's some odds for you... Did Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict help to cover up sex scandals of priests while he was prelate? Yes. I'd give odds of a 100%. Was Ratzinger fairly elected as the Pope? Nope. Not even close.

The Catholic Church, for all its claims of heavenly influence, is nothing more than a den of liars and child sex abusers and Pope Benedict is the biggest one.

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