Hamburgers & Protein at Work

ENTERTAINMENT - Have you seen the new Burger King commercial with their tiny little burgers called "BK Burger Shots".

They are $1.39 each and they're gone in less than 2 bites. (That is approx. $.70 per bite.)

In theory you could chew slowly and try to enjoy them, but that would defeat the purpose of fast food wouldn't it?

The point I am making is what a FUNDAMENTAL waste of money. Sure, $1.39 may not seem like a lot, but when you consider other items on the menu at fast food restaurants why would you pick the little tiny burgers when you could buy something better?

As a man, and behalf of all meat-loving men, I'd have to say when I'm going to plunk down cash for something to eat I usually go for the meal that gives me the "most meat for my buck". Why the f*ck would I buy a bunch of little tiny burgers? Shouldn't I be looking for a big-ass-sirloin burger?

Lets take A&W for example. A&W has its new Sirloin Uncle Burger available, and its roughly the same size as the Papa Burger (which has two smaller patties, but roughly the same amount of meat).

I won't even go to McDonald's anymore (unless there's nothing else available) because I am so fed up with their tiny burgers and growing prices. Why do people think McDonald's is cheap? They're not. Their burgers are smaller than average compared to other fast food restaurants, and their prices are about the same. The trick is that McDonald's has used very clever marketing to brand themselves as the 'cheap alternative' that kids and parents love, but in reality they're just reaming you.

Want a good quality big burger? I recommend Wendy's Triple Cheeseburger, A&W's Grandpa Burger, Swiss Chalet's Chargrilled Hamburger on a Kaiser and then there is Hero Certified Burgers, although a more rare chain, boasts large Angus beef burgers at reasonable prices. (I used to also recommend Pickle Barrel's burgers, but they're overpriced and you're basically just paying for the atmosphere and the service service. Plus you'll be waiting a good 25 minutes or more before your burger arrives.)

Women, if you're reading this, yes, you read correctly. We men use considerable brain power trying to determine which burger is the BIGGEST, and sometimes which one contains the most protein (juicy sirloin or jumbo burger, so difficult to decide).

Its not just burgers either. When I am grocery shopping and lets say I am comparing Chunky soups, I buy the can with the highest % of protein content. FYI, Chunky Steak and Potato has 7 grams per 250 mL while Chunky Sirloin Burger has 8 grams per 250 mL.

You may wonder why I am so obsessed with protein... its because I am on an exercise regime to get great abs and working on a high protein diet. Check out my high protein milk shake.

I figure if I am going to eat out and eat fast food, it had better be something high in protein.

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