Blind Dates at Work

ENTERTAINMENT/SEX - I personally have never been on a blind date. I've always known at least a little about my would-be date. I've also never been stood up either, so I guess I have been quite fortunate in the area of love.

FYI, for those who don't know: A blind date is a date where the people have not met each other previously and the date has been arranged by mutual friends, relatives, etc.

But for those who are not, the bar scene, internet personals (ie. Goth Personals Canada), blind dating, picking people up at bookstores (like that episode of Seinfeld), libraries, the gym, etc. are the only ways they can meet people. I think clubs and sports works well. Join a co-ed street hockey team for example.

Blind dating in particular is considered the worst. Psychologists consider blind dates to be one of the most stressful emotional experiences, due to lack of self-confidence from both potential lovers and the fear of the unknown. (The other person could be a complete wacko after all.)

In Toronto there is also a comedy act currently playing at the Harbourfront Centre from March 3rd to 7th called Blind Date. The plot centers around an adlib comedian who has been stood up on her blind date (wearing a clown nose of all things) and a willing audience member who becomes her new blind date, and the hilarity that follows.

I'm not sure whether the comedian (Rebecca Northan) is promoting blind dating or dissing it, but the act sounds pretty funny.

For the more movies oriented there is also a Bruce Willis/Kim Basinger comedy made in 1987 called "Blind Date". In the film Willis is a workaholic who needs a date for a business dinner so his brother sets him up with Basinger, who turns out to be a wild drinker...

From my perspective, and likely most other people, blind dating is an act of desperation. And in this era of internet personals I'd also say its unnecessary. Why go out with someone you know nothing about when you could go to a personals site and find someone you have shared interests, beliefs with, and you can at least see their photo. There is a lot of free personals sites available now, along with premium sites that are geared more towards specific topics (like gothic Canadians in the site I mentioned above).

After all, Cupid may be blind, but you aren't. We are all superficially motivated and want someone attractive and with similar beliefs/interests.

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