British Boys having Penises Crushed

HEALTH - Falling toilet seats are injuring an alarming number of recently potty-trained toddlers in Britain, a British study reports. The medical term for the damage for it? Penis crush.


Heavy wooden, ceramic and ornamental toilet seats are the biggest source of injuries, says Dr. Joe Philip of Leighton Hospital who warns that parents and grandparents should be extra vigilant during the holidays.

"As Christmas approaches, many families will be visiting relatives and friends and their recently toilet-trained toddlers will be keen to show how grown up they are by going to the toilet on their own."

In the British Journal of Urology, Philip and his colleagues focus on four boys under the age of 4 who were admitted to hospital with injuries serious enough to require an overnight stay. All had been trained and were using the toilet on their own using the classic male standing up and pissing position. They had lifted the seats, which later fell back down and crushed their penises. Fortunately, the injuries did not cause lasting physical damage, although the child might become traumatized and prefer sitting down to piss for the rest of their lives.

"We are concerned that the growing trend of heavy toilet seats poses a risk not only to their health, but to their confidence," Philip says.

Because of the height of some toilets there's also devices (see image right) for toddlers too short to reach the toilet properly.

Apparently the boys aren't lifting the seat to its fully upright position and releasing it before its properly in place. Doctors and pediatricians believe boys should be warned about the dangers of crushed penises and taught to lift the seat up properly and holding the seat with one hand. Some doctors even recommend supervision, but this feels more like the parents are worrying too much and coddling the child.

For those parents worried about the issue they should really just teach their boys to piss while sitting down and when they're older they can practice standing up to piss.

The study's authors are calling for manufacturers to design more seats that fall slowly, and for heavier seats to be banished from households with young boys. Philip cites a recent market research report suggesting a "worldwide increase in the number of wooden and ceramic seats sold" will result in a similar increase in crushed penises.

I think this is a situation of survival of the fittest/smartest. These boys need to be taught, and those that don't figure it out on their own deserve to get their penises crushed. It weeds out the dumb ones from reproducing.

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